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Cindy, Lilly and Her Babies

This is Cindy with Lilly, one of our Nanny goats not too long after her 3 kids were born on 12-28-2006

Allen Feeding Junior

Junior is our "Black Baldy". An Angus and Hereford cross.

He was born 6-21-2007

The Boys

These are Cindy's boys. As of December 2008 Steven is 16, Tykee 11, and Anthony 14.

Our Menagerie

This is a picture of some of the animals on our ranch.

This was taken on 6-26-2007 right after hay was put out.

Larry and Lulu

Larry and Lulu are our resident guard Llamas.

They can really be heard when the coyotes come thru the area.

News Flash.....

Larry died on us today 8-19-2007...So we are pretty sad around here today.

Allen and Cindy

Feeding Time

Dorothy(our resident jersey nurse cow) feeding her "babies".

Feeding Time Again

Chilling Out

Allen "straightening Dorothy out" Or is it Dorothy straightening Allen out???????

Sil-O-Link Chickens

Here are the "girls" before they were turned loose in the yard. All are doing fine with several of them producing double yolk super sized eggs!!!!!!!!!!

Tykee Sprankle

Here is Tykee and the ribbons he won for his 4H chicken effort for 2007. He won Reserve Grand Champion at the 2007 Hot Spring County Fair.

Goat Family

This is Midnight, her baby and our new billy goat. We haven't named him yet. I will update this when we do name him.

Update...Sept 23, 2007.....Billy has stuck as the name.....So Billy the Billy Goat it is.

Steven's 2007 Birthday

This was taken from Steven's 15th birthday celebration at our house.


This is LuLu relaxing in the shade on 8-31-2007. She is adjusting to Larry's death very well.

Newest Addition To The Ranch

News Flash September 23, 2007 Here is LuLu and Larry Jr. Not long after he was born. LuLu and Jr. are both doing fine. LuLu is quite the proud Momma.

More Jr.

Another picture of LuLu and Jr.

More Lulu and Larry Jr.

On 9-28-2007 we moved the happy pair outside into one of our new pens in the pasture. Larry has really come on. He is much stronger and steadier on his feet.

Dinner Time

This is Larry on the 28th nursing. He seems to have grown about 3 inches in the last week.

Larry Jr.

This is a good picture of Larry by himself

Lulu and Larry Jr.

This is Lulu and Larry Jr as of 1-8-2008. He has really grown!!!


These are 3 roosters that were hatched on the Ranch


These are some of the eggs that we have gathered from the Sil-o-link chickens....Wow the big one is a very large double yolk egg....And yes we did crack it and eat it.


These are the 2 largest from the previous picture to show you exactly how big they are. The first egg would have graded out a large egg at the store. And both of these eggs are double yolk.


These are our current nursing calves. They are from 2 to 6 weeks old as of 1-8-2008. They will be weaned starting at 8 weeks and moved out into the pen with the other weaned calves. As soon as the grass comes out this spring they all will be moved into the pastures. At approximately 500 lbs. each they will then be sold.

Weaning Pen

This is the pen where we wean the calves. After they get to eating good they will be turned out on grass when the seasons permit. The big black calf is Anthony's 4-H show calf. He will be fed and pampered all summer to be shown at the Hot Spring County Fair this coming fall.

New Calves

These are 2 of our suckling calves as of 2-16-2008


2 more of our suckling calves


They must think that Cindy has bottles for them....


Another view


These are a few of the "bottle babies" that we have at the moment(3-4-2008).

Menagerie 2

Rare March Arkansas Snow

The following are scenes from the snow storm that hit Arkansas on 3-7-2008. Very beautiful scenery. And the boys got a day off of school.....Just enough snow to kill Cindy's yearning for Chicago type weather.

Snow Scene 2

Snow Scene 3

The chickens came out long enouigh to eat and then went right back into their coop until things warmed up a bit.

Snow Scene 4

This is looking west from the barn.

Anthony and Merbel

This Anthony with his first show calf Merbel.

Merbel was first in his class. At show time he weighed 1250 lbs. When he went to the slaughter house he was 1400 lbs.

The butcher said that all cuts of meat would grade USDA prime. And man the flavor and tenderness are unlike anything we have ever had.


Yahoo is Anthony's 2009 Club Calf. He is a half brother to 2008's Merbel.

He came to the Ranch on Halloween 2008.

The Girls

These are our Nurse cows. From the left are Dorothy(our first), Twiggy(our Second), and latest acquisition Belle. Dorothy and Twiggy are Jersey's and Belle is a Brown Swiss.

Santa's Little Presents

Look what Santa left in our barn early Christmas morning 2008!!!!!

Frost and Frank have done themselves proud.

Another view of Santa's gifts

Latest Arrivals 3-17-2009

Sugar finally had her babies today

More Sugar

Sugar's #3

Final Pictures of Sugar and her babies


Here is our latest addition....Not quite a farm animal but she already rules the house. She came to us from the bed of a pickup truck on the Wally World parking lot in Hot Springs on 4-10-2009.


Roxy after she has run us ragged keeping up with her.


Another view......

Who's Cuter?

Cindy came home with this bundle of cutness Fiday July 17, 2009....Man is she small....So her name is Bitsy for itsy bitsy.

So far Roxy isn't a bit jealous. She just can't understand why she can't play rough with her like she does with us.

Roxy and Bitsy

This is Roxy and Bitsy the day after Bitsy came to live with us. They are getting along great.


Bessie is our resident milking cow. She is very multipurpose. We milk her a couple of times a week for our own use, we milk her for bottles to bottle feed a calf everyday and she also has calves that nurse on her to finish up what the milking machine doesn't get.


This is Belle our Brown Swiss nurse cow. She has the sweetest disposition. She will allow any calf to nurse on her. She also loves to give a good tongue bath to all of the calves and occasionally to the other cows in the field.

Newest Arrival 10/16/2009

This is Dixie she arrived on the ranch October 16, 2009. She is from Dorothy our Jersey milk cow and a Milking Shorthorn bull.

She is doing wonderful. She has already started eating hay at less than 2 weeks old.

Dixie on 4-1-2010

This is Dixie on April Fools day....WOW she has grown.

Shirley and Her Babies

This is a picture of our first time lactation Holstein Shirley nursing her calves on 5-22-10. She freshened on March 20th and is giving 8-9 gallons of milk a day. She is now nursing 5 calves a day and we are getting a gallon of milk a day for our own use.


This is Bessie our Holstein in waiting. She is due with her second calf 7-16-10.


These are our Bourbon Red turkeys. We have 2 grown toms and one grown hen and 6 little ones.

Henrietta our hen sat on a clutch of eggs earlier and unfortunately none hatched. We think that the tom was too young. She has started laying again as of 6-1-10. We have seen the tom breeding her. So hopefully she can hatch us a clutch this time.

Baby Turkeys

These are our Baby Bourbon Red turkeys. They have just been fed. We got them when they were just a few days old and they have really grown.

Tom Turkey

This is Tom the turkey doing his strut.....


This is Ruthie. She came to us July 23, 2010. She had a beautiful Heifer calf on Sept 2, 2010 who we named Baby Ruthie.....Hmmm wonder who came up with that name???? Couldn't be Cindy....Nawwww....LOL

Ruthie and Baby Ruthie

This is Ruthie and her baby shortly after she was born on Sept 2, 2010. Momma took her out to see the farm and showed her the pond.

Meet Dudley

This is Dudley. He came to us today(10-27-10) from a local dairy.

He is a full blood Guernsey bull calf.

We are planning on raising him to use to sire our herd.

He sure is a cutie!!!!!

2011 Pork Chops

These girls came to us on Nov. 13 2010. They were about 25lbs when we got them and had just been weaned.

They went to the butchers on April 4th at about 250lbs each.